So what is MMM?

Have you ever been asked this question? It seems to be one of the world’s best kept secrets. Out of 11 courses due to take place in 2014, only 1 is listed with the word ‘Dance’ in the title and promotes itself as a dance workshop.

Every MMM dance event brings out the snappers with their cameras and smart-phones, yet strangely, the preferred publicity images are picturesque location shots or experimentation with Word Art. A picture is worth a thousand words yet our creative, enthusiastic, diverse group of dancers and movers seem to prefer the use of words, rather than images of MMM in motion.

We are dancers, we love to dance and to see others dance and move to artistic stimuli. We love colour and motion mixed with music. It is time to tell the world, at every available opportunity, that we dance.The next time that you need to promote MMM think about this and maybe we will no longer be a best kept secret.

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