A Killy Weekend

Sara in Action

Last year a new MMM weekend dance course was held for the first time in Scotland,
organised and run by Sara Lockwood and Chantal Bréavoine, which was something quite different and most enjoyable. So I was pleased to hear that the Scottish/French alliance was planning to go back to Kilquhanity (pronounced “Kilwanity”) for a second year. My curiosity and a real desire to attend a course at which I would not be teaching were in the back of my mind as I made my travel arrangements for April, allowing for the weekend in Scotland before returning home to Germany.

Research in Google had shown that Kilquhanity was in quite a rural location, and Sara’s excellent pre-course information confirmed this – so her quiet warning that the mobile phone network was not too reliable set me wondering whether I could last for four days without being able to go online. Or maybe this was just another deliberately arranged detail of this idyllic location that Sara and Chantal had chosen, among other reasons for its historic importance for MMM.

Reaching for the StarsTwo full days of creative work lay ahead of us as we gathered on the Friday afternoon and got to know each other (quite a group from England, and a lot of lovely Scottish ladies, some of whom were quite new to MMM), the studio, the three houses where we were accommodated and the plan for the weekend. Not to mention the wonderful catering provided by Jools, a local caterer who completely spoilt us all weekend. That alone would have been reason enough to be there, enjoying the sunshine and mild Spring temperatures. The programme was cleverly built up around the central theme of Rhythm, Sound and Music Composition as described in the book “Margaret Morris Dancing” and both teachers had prepared themselves thoroughly, with interesting classes involving sounds and rhythms which we made ourselves from materials found in the abundant nature around the studio. Jan Houselander also gave a class each day providing us with a break from the main subject, enjoying some fun MMM in between. A well varied programme was rounded off by relaxing evening sessions in the lounge – the final one finishing off with some – dancing, what else?

Killy was a delightful experience and an all-round success. Returning home to Germany the next day made me realise how far away from my normal life I had been over the weekend. I hope that Sara and Chantal will find an equally fascinating theme for the next episode of the course, as continue they must.

Gillian Goldberger

Goodbye Kilquhanity

Goodbye Kilquhanity




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