What are they saying about MMM Summer School?

MMM held it’s annual weeklong dance Summer School in the fine premises of the University of Chichester. This year it was possible to award several bursaries for selected teachers to attend, with the aim of forwarding their continuing professional development as well as profiting from their experiences. Additionally, it was also possible to award bursaries for students, providing an otherwise rare opportunity to enjoy and benefit from the variety of classes and attendees in an international environment.

Here are some of the comments from a few of the recipients of these bursaries:

dancing on the lawn

dancing on the lawn

I love the fact that there is so much history to Margaret Morris and that there is always information available on campus to see, and people to talk to about the history with people who are in fact PART of that history.

En effet, la summer school m’a servis à parfaire ma formation. Enseignante en France, je n’ai personne pour me donner des cours et qui n’avance pas, recule.

Beautiful moments, great experiences in a lovely and familiar atmosphere! I really want to come next year and meet you all again.

....and baby came too

….and baby came too


I have gained so much from this year’s summer school, in particular I have picked up on many improvements for my technique thanks to the brilliant teachers. My plan for MMM in the future is to teach all ages and to contribute to keeping the movement thriving.

My project is to continue my studies in psychomotricity and do the therapy exam.. maybe open a MMM course in Italy!

I feel stronger than before. This experience brought me one step closer to myself and happiness.

In the MMM (Margaret Morris Movement) book the description of this movement is: Recreational, Athletic, Creative, Therapeutic. I clearly felt all these aspects in the extreme.

La Planete des Singes - choreography by Evelyne Elbaz

La Planete des Singes – choreography by Evelyne Elbaz

… watching Tricannon (a dance form created by one of Margaret’s students) and partaking in Chant Hindu really gave an understanding of dance as an art, demonstrating Margaret’s influences and scope, and giving the opportunity to experience first-hand the dances and costume (for Chant Hindu).

So my plan is… To start work ASAP on Health Play qualification… To get my Basic Teachers Exam eventually… I feel I would like to assist those, just like me, with an urge to dance and move about and improve their health.

To meet others and discover the variety of people each with their own connection and share in that experience is one of the many reasons this dance movement is so special; I know from the week that I am not alone in my feeling of MMM as an extended family.

Leaving - choreography by Jan Houselander

Leaving – choreography by Jan Houselander

By the week’s end, I felt a greater determination, connection and purpose despite going our separate ways. … This week has given me a confidence I hope to share with the wider world and show people the uniqueness of MMM.

MMM were delighted to once again be able to hold their International Summer School (2015) in the University of Chichester. The campus has numerous dance spaces for classes and two performance studios for the end of week show, making it the ideal location.


Kilquhanity, South-West Scotland


Kilquhanity House – venue for the MMM Scotland Residential Dance Course 2015

In the 1943 Margaret Morris held a summer school in the rural region of Dumfries and Galloway in South West Scotland. In 2014 MMM Scotland held its first dance residential course. This was so successful that a further one at the same location-Kilquhanity, will be held in 2015. The course encompasses several aspects of Margaret Morris Movement with classes in MMM Colours, variations, Dance Classes and an exploration of Margaret Morris’ creative practice based on her writings in “Margaret Morris Dancing”. From this book we particularly discover her chapter “Rhythm, Sound and Music Composition” and how these are interpreted through movement. The course has a communal air with everyone dancing together in the one dance studio, a converted stable with a heated wooden floor Kilquhanity is part of four school sites based in Japan that have developed education inspired by the teachings of Aitkenhead, A.S. Neill and John Dewey amongst others. The essence of Kilquhanity since 1940 is as the focal point in Scotland for free, progressive and alternative education. The house, stables and surrounding buildings which comprise the site are surrounded by beautiful countryside making it a wonderful venue for enjoying the health and well being and creativity of Margaret Morris Movement. Please visit http://www.kilquhanity-centre.co.uk for detailed description of venue. Details of this course are available via the menu – Courses – MMM Scotland Residential

JD Ferguson

Although we wear more clothes now, we still share the love of dance, art and creativity that JD Ferguson immortalised in his paintings.

Although we wear more clothes now, we still share the love of dance, art and creativity that JD Ferguson immortalised in his paintings.

Ann Flower and myself were able to get to the J D Ferguson exhibition at the Modern Art Gallery 2 in Edinburgh and we both felt a special connection to his work due to our life with MMM dance and Margaret Morris. I can see why he has gone down in history as a recognised special unique artist. His work is vibrant, bold, full of character and, in later work, obviously influenced by Margaret and Movement.

Take advantage of his work coming to Chichester while the MMM Dance Summer School is on at, Chichester University 26 July – 2 August 2014.

Details on Margaret Morris Movement website: http://www.margaretmorrismovement.com

Jan Houselander

Easter eggs, dance and pinot grigio in an English country village

I can’t believe that Gillian and I have just completed teaching Dance Technique grades 1-3; it was a marathon. We now have Josette (Switzerland) with grade 3 and Monica (Germany) on her way to grade 1, as well as Marianne (Switzerland) aiming for grade 2.

In Josette I saw someone who not only can dance well, but also can construct a dance sequence in a flash. I now eagerly await a choreographic piece from her.

Gillian, with support from my notes, is working on a Grade 1 book – aiming to be ready in 2015. Another step in the future syllabus planning for MMM. Look out for it.

The course was a great success and fun was had by all in the beautiful Bradfield village setting, experiencing the ‘Harry Potter’ dining room and winding down with lots of hilarity at the end of a very full day in the lounge. Join us next year for a combination of hard work, dance and fun.

Jan Houselander

Even with the easter eggs & pinot grigio, Ruth managed to look beautiful

Even with the easter eggs & pinot grigio, Ruth managed to look beautiful

One Tears Apart

I found this popular piece of film extract whilst trawling through You Tube, under:

  • One Tears Apart (Landlord)
  • Baby Sleep – Lisbonne
  • Looks Very Jolly, Doesn’t It? (1921)
but this one this one is my favourite. Now MMM can add ‘Guest Appearance in Music Video’ to their list of achievements. Albeit a great achievement, I can’t help thinking that  our film contribution to the world of music could do with a little (lot) of updating. Fashion and trends change fast, and I am thinking maybe recreate the dance in the style of Beyoncé

Please note that this video uses footage from the BFI Creative Archive website. The BFI should be credited as following: “Original footage courtesy of the British Film Institute (BFI) under the terms of the Creative Archive Licence.” Thank you.

Wonderful Lodgehill Residential Dance Weekend 2014

In early February, I danced away a wonderful weekend at the MMM Lodge Hill Residential Dance Workshop. What I love about MMM courses is that they are all SO different almost as though they have their own personality! And Lodge Hill is no different. The accommodation is not the best in the world but the lovely old house is perfect for a cold winter’s weekend break, tucked away on top of a hill, surrounded by woodland and with magnificent views across the wintry landscape over the South Downs National Park. The food is superb and evenings spent chatting in the cosy, oak-panelled lounge after a full programme of MMM dance lead by the brilliant Jan Houselander, is bliss. If you haven’t done to yet, I highly recommend you give this course a try next year. It was a great weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed it.   Gail

We were joined Rosalind, an MMM teacher from Switzerland ‘I had a great time with you girls  and it gave me lots of ideas for my class, it’s always good to go back to the roots’

Despite my limitations, I had a great time at Lodge Hill amongst friends. Jan  was an enthusiatic and tireless teacher and had the class dancing energetically throughout the weekend.Thanks to all who attended the course and look forward to spreading the word and bringing more people along for next year.  Jeanmarie