Curated by Ben Harman, Director, Stills: Centre for Photography, Edinburgh

SOUTH OF NO NORTH, an exhibition of new and existing works which reflect varying approaches to art as performance, or performance as art.

Contemporary works by Scotland-based artists, Ruth Barker, Alan Currall, Romany Dear and Anthony Schrag, who each use their own bodies in their work, are exhibited alongside early 20th century photographs by Fred Daniels, depicting the pioneering choreography of Margaret Morris, founder of the eponymous Margaret Morris Movement. Against the backdrop of these photographic images of movement, the exhibition explores some current approaches to the use of the human body within performance-based artistic practice.

Free-spirited Margaret Morris Dancers

Free-spirited Margaret Morris Dancers / 020 7091 9650 


Exhibition: 18 September–29 November 2015

Ben Harman in conversation: Friday 2 October, 7pm

Live performances by Ruth Barker and Romany Dear & film screenings: Saturday 3 October, 7pm

Exhibition tour with Ben Harman: Thursday 29 October, 2pm–3pm

Siobhan Davies Dance, Siobhan Davies Studios
85 St George’s Road London SE1 6ER
Reception: 020 7091 9650 Direct: 020 7091 9663